Artwork Photos for Fine Artist, Ana Livingston

~Dolphin Transformation at the Clearwater Mural~

Mid-way in, during the "blocking in" of the water area, there way still a section I'd left
a stark white. I wasn't sure if I was going to paint a dolphin, manatee or turtle. Many
 folks stopped by with suggestions, which were always welcomed.

 I had spent some time up at Homosassa Springs, FL and seen the manatees
 there, so was leaning towards adding a manatee, but...

Then a friend reminded me of Winter the Dolphin (who resides in Clearwater!)
and thought she could be used as inspiration. (The owner of this wall also liked the
idea of a dolphin). I also knew about the temporary 50-dolphin statue installation
 about to be placed out at Clearwater Beach. Okay...dolphin, it is!

I soon realized the grayed-in area was too large for just one dolphin. Should I paint
over some of the gray? Before I blotted out a portion of the section, my daughter
suggests TWO dolphins. Since she is a lover of baby animals of any
type, I decided upon creating a mom and her offspring. :)

And so I began the refining process of the pair. They really started to take on their
own character at this point! More people started to stop by the wall with input (again,
always appreciated). "Fins! They need fins!" It was always a delight to see that
people were so involved in the different phases of the mural. It was as if they
were assisting me in bringing something to life. Which they were. :)

And here they are complete!  Mother and Baby Dolphin--frolicking in the waves! I had
SO many warm and wonderful folks stop by during this creation process and let me
know these two are their favorite part of the mural and that it warms their heart each
time they drive by. And THIS is what makes being a muralist worthwhile! :)

~Before and After: Convertible Transformation~

And now I begin my first car. The top image is how I colored in and left it at the end
of Day 31. I was still deciding which way to go, and since the sun had already come
 up over the side of the wall, I had to put off all refinements until the next day. There
were several people in attendance at the wall that day who were unconvinced I was
going to be able to morph the paint I'd applied into anything resembling a "real car".

 I came in and finished it the next morning (second image). They are now convinced. :)

~Transformation of the Pink Car~

Now was the time to create the final car I planned for the bridge (the cars, by the way,
were my idea of a simple, suggestive way of illustrating to people they should drive
up to the front of Honka Automotive for repairs and maintenance). :)
On this day, I only had time to start with "blocked in" or "marker" paint, as I like to
refer to it. This marker paint gave me something to creatively chew on until the next morning,
 when I would be completing the task. When I arrived early the next day, of course I'd decided
 it had to be completely changed...but neglected to define "how". Consequently, the vehicle
went through a metamorphosis, of sorts, and ended up the playful little car I had wanted
in the first place. I think it's cute, and my daughter, whose favorite color is pink, loved it. :)

~Close-Up Shots of the Clearwater Mural~

The first car to be painted on the wall at the Clearwater Mural. I named it the "Ana". :)

The second car.

And the third and last car situated on "The bridge to Honka's".

Trivia: The three cars on the bridge represent myself (favorite color is turquoise,) my
 third oldest son who lives in Clearwater (blue), and my youngest daughter, who also
resides here (pink). The smaller cars on the remote highway section of the mural
represent my eldest daughter who recently moved to the west coast (red), as well
as my eldest son who has been living there for years (green). My remaining son, whose
 favorite color is black, and who is a traveler and free spirit, is represented by the seagulls. :)

  And here is a close-up of the radiant sun, with its concentric circles of light.

The Momma Dolphin. She's keeping an eye on her baby, trailing behind.

And everyone's favorite: The Baby Dolphin! :)

~Clearwater Mural: BEFORE and AFTER~

This was an exciting project! I am thankful to the owner and staff of Honka Automotive
for giving me this opportunity, as well as all the folks who went out of their way to stop
 by and cheer me on, in addition to the countless passers-by who honked and
shouted their encouragement. You are the best! :)

The Clearwater Mural
of Clearwater, Florida
For more information on
the artist, please see
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Ana Livingston
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